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About Brierley


Versatile and precise.

Brierley are recognised throughout the world as the leader in drill grinding machines.

The machines embody principles that the company first developed 30 years ago and which are to this day still accepted as the standard.

Brierley machines


Still reign supreme, not only in the UK but in every major industrial country.


To date tens of thousands of Brierley drill grinders have been sold, the majority into engineering industries, but also to companies engaged in working plastics and other nonmetallic machines.



Proactive development


Brierley have always maintained a programme of proactive development. Designs have been kept abreast of user requirements and the range of machines has been gradually increased. Recently Surface Grinders, Tool and Cutter Grinders and Bench Grinders have been added to have been added to range.



Technologically advanced


Drilling has itself progressed to levels of high sophistication and technological status. The basic geometry of the original drill points has been supplemented by other types of points, each intended for performing specific duties with the utmost efficiency. Some individual companies have developed special forms of drill points for their own particular requirements.

The Brierley range of Drill grinders offer different capacities and capabilities, but without exception they all possess this unique versatility "Perfect drill points of any type, each produced complete at one setting". This combined with the simplicity of setting and operation, superb design and quality of manufacture, are the hallmarks of Brierley Machines. This is all backed up by a user support organisation providing services ranging from technical advice to spares and maintenance, to ensure that every user obtains maximum efficiency from whichever model he has chosen. Producing perfect, profit-making drill points every time.

Surface Grinding is a precise engineering skill that requires the highest quality of machines to produce constantly accurate work. Brierley surface grinders are designed to meet these criteria with all machines manufactured from aged high grade castings. All surfaces are hand scraped to provide a superior working finish that will give the customer longevity in quality of work.



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